Friday, March 31, 2017


I have been thinking a lot about Katherine's comment on Wednesday when I brought up about how vague the word Freedom is and how it can often be used for negative outcomes. To recap, she commented that even words that may seem more specific such as access, can still be twisted in ways that seem to help the many, but actually just end up hurting us. I have thought about what she said and I agree with her comment. It is important not to overlook how strong rhetoric can actually be, which I had overlooked when I commented that there has to be a better word to use than Freedom. Anything, it seems, can be twisted into different meanings. It's just like how some people believe that Plato's thought experiment was meant to be taken as a serious manuscript as to how to form a government. His work has been completely manipulated and sometimes misinterpreted. It's just interesting to me because I never really considered how easy it could be to manipulate people and how any word can be victim to negative rhetoric like Katherine suggested.

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